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ALAN BROOKER alan.brooker2010 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 07:06:02 EDT 2011

Hey Ant,

This can definitely be done- I was working on/off on a sort of ' #see
for gem' but haven't perfected it yet.

The method is to render 3d objects into a buffer > to pix object >
then to #from_pix. Mathieu may know of a more efficient way of doing
this tho

The attached patch (if it doesn't work when first opened, close then
re-open and should work) is what I was working on. As mentioned it's a
work in progress and I could probably do with some efficiency tips
here too!

All the best


On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 10:19 AM, Antonio Roberts
<antonio at hellocatfood.com> wrote:
> Thanks and sorry that I didn't stick around to get the reply on IRC.
> Secondly, can the cube be rendered to an [#out window] object? I know
> [#from_pix] can handle [pix_] objects, and I've tried using a [cube]
> as a [pix_texture] that I can then send to [#from_pix] but no luck so
> far
> Ant
> On 30 April 2011 01:04, Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca> wrote:
>> from irc #dataflow :
>> <hellocatfood> Is it possible to use [gemdead] with objects such as [cube]
>> and [sphere] in gridflow?
>> In theory, I said no, but actually, [gemdead] doesn't prevent you from using
>> OpenGL elements, and things like [cube] and [sphere] don't check at all
>> whether they're given a real [gemhead] context, and don't seem to be doing
>> much that is related to it, therefore :
>>  [gemhead]
>>   |
>>  [b]
>>   |
>>  [gemdead]
>>   |
>>  [cube]
>> will really draw the cube as if you had done :
>>  [gemhead]
>>   |
>>  [cube]
>> I suspect that very few Gem object classes really depend on an authentic
>> GemState (one that was really created by [gemwin]). When you do find
>> exceptions, please tell me.
>> But you may have to use [gemhead] anyway (as in the above example) as long
>> as [gemwin] decides when to clear the buffer and when to copy the buffer to
>> the screen, just because [gemwin] uses [gemdead] to say when it's the time
>> to draw.
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