[Gridflow-dev] [gemdead]

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Apr 29 20:04:40 EDT 2011

from irc #dataflow :

<hellocatfood> Is it possible to use [gemdead] with objects such as [cube] 
and [sphere] in gridflow?

In theory, I said no, but actually, [gemdead] doesn't prevent you from 
using OpenGL elements, and things like [cube] and [sphere] don't check at 
all whether they're given a real [gemhead] context, and don't seem to be 
doing much that is related to it, therefore :


will really draw the cube as if you had done :


I suspect that very few Gem object classes really depend on an authentic 
GemState (one that was really created by [gemwin]). When you do find 
exceptions, please tell me.

But you may have to use [gemhead] anyway (as in the above example) as long 
as [gemwin] decides when to clear the buffer and when to copy the buffer 
to the screen, just because [gemwin] uses [gemdead] to say when it's the 
time to draw.

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