[Gridflow-dev] [#expr] (was: jMax)

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Sep 24 23:30:57 EDT 2010

On Fri, 24 Sep 2010, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:

>> btw i just added sin() cos() exp() log() tanh() sqrt()
>> abs() rand().

I just added min() max() div() rem() cmp() hypot() atan2() avg() c2p() 

> It's a little ugly:
> [expr _$0_a]
> [v _$0_a]

yikes. actually, I'd rather write 'a' and have it mean '$0-a'. However, I 
can't put that '$0-' prefix as an attribute of [#expr] because :

   1. comma-messages only are sent after the constructor processes the

   2. comma-messages are disabled for [#expr] anyway, using the new
      CLASS_NOCOMMA option, because comma already means something in
      [#expr] (for the two-argument function support that I have just

And then I'd rather not write things like [#expr -local $0- a-b] because 
that's three meanings of "-" in the same box. ;) I mean something like a 
commandline switch that would set "$0-" as the prefix of all following 

> [expr _$0.a] seems to fail, and of course [expr _$0-a] won't do 
> what you want.

I suppose only /[_A-Za-z][_A-Za-z0-9]*/ are accepted in symbols, just like 
C syntax.

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