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Go Mathieu!

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   GridFlow 9.9 available now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    `---> at http://gridflow.ca/

ChangeLog version 9.9 (2010.05.05):

  * added class [gridflow] for reporting version number of gridflow
  * [print]: pointer: write "0x" and not "0x0x"
  * added examples supercycloid.pd, simple_mask.pd, tictactoe.pd
  * renamed example blob.pd to shadebob.pd
  * reviewed and updated a lot of examples.
  * support GEM 91, 92 and 93 all at once, with runtime autodetection
    (NOT compile-time!)
  * fixed bug about [#to_pix] when created after [gemwin] was last
  * [#to_pix] and [#from_pix]: when in colorspace rgba, preserve alpha
    instead of setting to 0
  * [#to_pix]: when in colorspace rgb, alpha defaults to 255 instead of 0
  * [#to_pix]: correct GL_RGBA vs GL_BGRA on OSX
  * added [gf/string_length] [doc_link] [doc_accolade] [#lop_space]
  * added even more missing helpfiles...
  * [#io.quicktimecamera]: added brightness, contrast, hue and colour
    (saturation) control
  * [#io.x11]: setcursor: support 77 cursors instead of 64;
    and reject out-of-range values
  * [#color]: runs faster
  * [#io.videodev]: added colorspace rgba, with alpha=255.
  * [#io.videodev]: added conversion from RGB to colorspace "magic"
  * [#camera]: added colorspace rgba
  * [#io.quartz]: added support for keypress and keyrelease
  * [#io.quartz]: added 'menubar' method (show/hide system menubar on OSX)
  * [#io.quartz]: added hidecursor and setcursor
  * [#io.quicktimecamera]: colorspace rgba's alpha=255 now.
  * [#io.quicktimecamera] [#io.quicktimeapple]: added colorspaces y, yuv,
    rgb, and added method "cast".
  * [#io.videodev] and [#camera]: removed attribute 'transfer'
  * fixed bug in nested-list processing (which affected [print] and
    [display] and use of symbols that look like floats)
  * [#io.videodev]: add support for libv4l1
  * [#camera]: added method "api", added autodetection of camera modules
  * [#io.quicktimehw]: show real error messages
  * added class [#to~], for converting grids to signals.
  * [gf/canvas_...] and [gf/find_file]: add default arg
  * [args]: fixed crash when using comma when there is no [inlet] at all.
  * [#out quartz]: major speedup !
  * [#store]: put_at: fixed two crashing bugs
  * [#in grid]: handle end-of-file and other errors properly (when reading)
  * quicktimeapple, quicktimecamera and gem pix : refixed colorspace on PPC
  * [#io.ppm]: rewritten without using libnetpbm (so that errors are
    handled properly); support reading P2 P3 P5 P6 and writing P5 P6
  * added alias [pd/print] for pd's [print]
  * added alias [gf/range] for gf's [range]
  * [#mouse]: added method "/" to automatically scale coordinates
  * [#draw_rect]: fix outline mode
  * removed polygon_editor.pd and [#edit_polygon]
  * added [#out png] (in 1, 2, 3, 4 channels)
  * added 'cast' method to [#cast] (for changing number type)
  * [#for] supports floats such as [#for (f #) (f # 10) (f # 1)]
  * [#out sdl]: fixed mouse button support so that [#mouse] is useful
  * added class [gemdead], for using pix-objects without a [gemwin].
  * OSX: show proper camera error messages
  * added [#out quartz 0]: make a borderless OSX window
  * OSX package: enable OpenCV support
  * Ubuntu package: enable libv4l1 support

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