[Gridflow-dev] 9.10 libdir dependencies

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Aug 9 19:47:00 EDT 2010

On Mon, 9 Aug 2010, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:

> count 0 $1

Looks like [count] is a former GF abstraction. I haven't tried 
[#background_model] since I removed [count]. don't worry about this one.

> button OK

from [ggee], only for the [#many-prop], starting with GF 9.10.

> This can be presumably be fixed by packaging hcs as a libdirlike thingy:
> sys_gui
> hcs/sys_gui

this is only for the screenshot tool in [doc_h], and "normal users" don't 
need it.

> I have Zexy package from Lucid Universe installed and loaded but it isn't in 
> a libdiry layout:
> zexy/wrap

is also in the screenshot tool.

With a pd that has an internal [wrap], how do you access zexy's [wrap] ?

> The good news is that the Gem and PDP bridges seem to work fine with the 
> versions from Ubuntu (at least the help patches for #to_pdp and #from_pdp and 
> the game_of_life_gem.pd):

That's rather normal about PDP because it hasn't changed its interfaces in 
a long time.

GEM, however, has changed quite a bit lately, but the 
gridflow_gem9292.pd_linux file should get you through all final 91 and 
final 92 versions, and alpha 93 versions until mid jan 2010 or so. The 
other two gridflow_gem*.pd_linux files should get you through all more 
recent GEM versions, and hopefully, future ones for a long while...

Please don't list PDP as a dependency, because... it's not. It's purely 
optional, at load-time.

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