[Gridflow-dev] Gridflow crashing with camera

gnd at itchybit.org gnd at itchybit.org
Fri Sep 4 08:06:49 EDT 2009


I compiled Gridflow on a Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04). I have a working webcam on
the system which i can access through VLC using V4L2. However when trying
to access the cam in Gridflow, it segfaults leaving this in dmesg:

[11982.417627] pd[1723]: segfault at 6c6c6966 ip b5f320eb sp bfb56c30
error 4 in gridflow.pd_linux[b5ec1000+2f0000] (in case i try to open a
existing cam device)
[12010.729871] pd[1730]: segfault at 4 ip b762d5dc sp bf9f08c0 error 6 in
libstdc++.so.6.0.10[b7574000+e4000] (in case i click on a nonexistent cam)

If i try to access my cam through v4l in VLC i get a garbled non-moving
image. Might this be the reason why Gridflow crashes (eg. using V4L
instead of V4L2 ?). On the mailinglist i also see that there are some
problem with "fglrx" && Gem. I have exactly such setup..

I will gladly spend some time with this (providing dumps, testing, etc)
coz id like to have my cam working.



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