[Gridflow-dev] GridFlow 0.9.5

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Oct 18 17:54:35 EDT 2009


version 0.9.5 (2009.10.18):

  * added [gf.print] (aliased to [print])
  * added [cv/#Ellipse], [cv/#HarrisCorner], [cv/#KMeans]
  * renamed goop.pd to surface_tension.pd
  * [#in quicktime]: "get" also produces messages "framerate", "height",
    "width", "depth", "codec".
  * added [#draw_hpgl], [#reinterval], [#cluster_avg]
  * added [norecurse], [gf.error]
  * [#color]: added bang
  * [#inner]: fixed infinite loop bug with large right-inlet grids.
  * [#transpose]: fixed crash with zero-sized grids.
  * [receives]: "empty" prefix automatically turned into "" (no prefix).
  * [#in grid] and [#out grid]: fixed several bugs
  * [#make_cross] can make rectangular crosses
  * [demux] alias removed (please use [shunt])
  * renamed every [cv.Something] to [cv/#Something] to avoid any future
    nameclashes with Loïc's library.
  * automatically removes artificial stacksize limits of the OS that may
    have caused segfaults in the last year or so, if you didn't use
    ulimit -s unlimited or somesuch
  * added [# c2p] and [# p2c] (polar transforms)
  * added new examples: polar.pd, radial_blur.pd
  * fixed more OSX bugs
  * fixed [#grade] bug (thanks to mescalinum)
  * removed support for gem 0.89 and some 0.90 versions

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