[Gridflow-dev] Gridflow crashing with camera

gnd at itchybit.org gnd at itchybit.org
Fri Oct 16 10:08:22 EDT 2009


>> [12010.729871] pd[1730]: segfault at 4 ip b762d5dc
>> sp bf9f08c0 error 6 in libstdc++.so.6.0.10[b7574000+e4000] (in case i
>> click on a nonexistent cam)
> So can you get the latter error to disappear by loading Gem before
> gridflow, and perhaps running Gem 0.92, or a test version of the upcoming
> pd-extended, or whatever else that makes the "fglrx" problem disappear?

I solved it by not loading all the other externals when i work with
gridflow (which is a bit of a hardcore "solution").

But i played around with it now: I use gem-0.92.1,
compiled pd-0.41.4-extended and it doesnt matter in what order Gem or PDP
is loaded to Gridflow, it matters in what order GEM to PDP is loaded. I
tried all combinations and GF crashes (in case i click on a nonexistent
camera) *only* when i load PDP first then GEM :)))

> Yes. I want to switch to libv4l rather soon now, which is something even
> better than plain V4L2. I was thinking about getting into V4L2 in 2006 or
> so, but my conclusion was that it wouldn't feel a lost cause if libv4l
> actually existed. Eventually, it started existing, so, I don't know what
> I'm waiting for now.

That would be just perfect ! :)



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