[Gridflow-dev] can't compile with Gem support

mescalinum at gmail.com mescalinum at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 08:51:22 EDT 2009

is there some header missing in Base/ ?
note I had to use --force-gem09, as both configure checks were failing

Gridflow version: SVN r4209
GEM Version: 0.92.1

g++ -march=nocona -O2 -pipe  -I/usr/local/include
-I/var/tmp/portage/media-plugins/gridflow-9999/homedir/include -I. -xc++
-fno-operator-names -I/usr/X11R6/include -O3 -Wall -Wno-unused
-Wunused-variable -g -fPIC -I. -c optional/gem.c.fcs -o optional/gem.o
optional/gem.c.fcs:25:32: error: Base/GemPixDualObj.h: No such file or
format/quicktimehw.c.fcs: In member function ‘void
FormatQuickTimeHW::constructor(t_symbol*, int, t_atom2*, t_symbol*,
format/quicktimehw.c.fcs:49: warning: deprecated conversion from string
constant to ‘char*’
optional/gem.c.fcs:28: error: expected class-name before ‘{’ token
optional/gem.c.fcs:30: error: ‘GemPixObj’ has not been declared
optional/gem.c.fcs:30: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of
‘CPPEXTERN_HEADER’ with no type
optional/gem.c.fcs:31: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘public’
optional/gem.c.fcs:33: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘virtual’
optional/gem.c.fcs:34: error: ‘GemState’ has not been declared
optional/gem.c.fcs:42: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type
conversion before ‘struct’
make: *** [optional/gem.o] Error 1

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