[Gridflow-dev] [#store] segfaults Pd on bang

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Fri Aug 29 10:00:37 EDT 2008

Hi again,

This is what I get when I bang [#store].

gf 0.9.5 (from svn)

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread -1210685776 (LWP 7487)]
0xb5a874a4 in GridUnpack::grinw_0<int> (in=0x860bd60, dex=0, n=230400,
    data=0xb5154020) at base/flow_objects.c.fcs:2248
2248            for (; n; y++, n-=f, data+=f) {
Current language:  auto; currently c++


#0  0xb5a874a4 in GridUnpack::grinw_0<int> (in=0x860bd60, dex=0, n=230400,
    data=0xb5154020) at base/flow_objects.c.fcs:2248
#1  0xb5a32a6a in GridInlet::flow<int> (this=0x860bd60, n=230400,
    data=0xb5154020) at base/../gridflow.h.fcs:706
#2  0xb5a32d86 in GridOutlet::send_direct<int> (this=0x860a650, n=230400,
    data=0xb5154020) at base/grid.c.fcs:224
#3  0xb5a34409 in GridOutlet::send<int> (this=0x860a650, n=230400,
    data=0xb5154020) at base/grid.c.fcs:261
#4  0xb5ad7b28 in GridStore::grin_0<int> (this=0x8605fd0, in=0x860bc40, dex=0,
    n=-2, data=0x0) at base/flow_objects.c.fcs:484
#5  0xb5ad8e1c in GridStore::grinw_0<int> (in=0x860bc40, dex=0, n=-2, data=0x0)
    at base/flow_objects.c.fcs:421
#6  0xb5a2cadd in GridInlet::finish (this=0x860bc40)
    at base/../gridflow.h.fcs:706
#7  0xb5a35c3e in GridInlet::from_grid2<int> (this=0x860bc40, g=0xbfe1fdb0,
    foo=0) at base/grid.c.fcs:180
#8  0xb5a2f0d9 in GridInlet::from_grid (this=0x860bc40, g=0xbfe1fdb0)
    at base/grid.c.fcs:186
#9  0xb5a60a89 in GridStore::_0_list (this=0x8605fd0, argc=2, argv=0xbfe1fe28)
    at base/../gridflow.h.fcs:729
#10 0xb5a60c3b in GridStore::_0_list_wrap (self=0x8605fd0, argc=2,
    argv=0xbfe1fe28) at base/flow_objects.c.fcs:549
#11 0xb5a27763 in BFObject_anything (bself=0x8605e50, winlet=0,
  selector=0x811bc30, ac=2, at=0xbfe20014) at gridflow.c.fcs:564
#12 0xb5a38d63 in GridStore::_0_bang (this=0x8605fd0, argc=0, argv=0xbfe20078)
    at base/flow_objects.c.fcs:545
#13 0xb5a38df0 in GridStore::_0_bang_wrap (self=0x8605fd0, argc=0,
    argv=0xbfe20078) at base/flow_objects.c.fcs:541
#14 0xb5a27763 in BFObject_anything (bself=0x8605e50, winlet=0,
    selector=0x811bc24, ac=0, at=0x0) at gridflow.c.fcs:564
#15 0x080a946b in pd_defaultbang (x=0x860bd60) at m_class.c:43
#16 0x080ac5fb in outlet_bang (x=0x8606028) at m_obj.c:368
#17 0x08090a3c in bng_newclick (z=0x8609018, glist=0x85f9570, xpix=96,
    ypix=99, shift=0, alt=0, dbl=0, doit=1) at g_bang.c:298
#18 0x0808b44a in canvas_doclick (x=0x85f9570, xpos=96, ypos=99, which=1,
    mod=0, doit=1) at g_editor.c:93
#19 0x0808c0ab in canvas_mousedown (x=0x85f9570, xpos=96, ypos=99, which=1,
    mod=0) at g_editor.c:1256
#20 0x080a9df6 in pd_typedmess (x=0x85f9570, s=0x852dc78,
    argc=<value optimized out>, argv=0x811d1c8) at m_class.c:779
#21 0x080a9b66 in pd_typedmess (x=0x8603968, s=0x852dc78, argc=140557664,
    argv=0x811d1c8) at m_class.c:800
#22 0x080ae320 in binbuf_eval (x=0x853f9e8, target=0x8608180, argc=0, argv=0x0)
    at m_binbuf.c:677
#23 0x080bba45 in socketreceiver_read (x=0x853fa08, fd=6) at s_inter.c:553
#24 0x080b8ebe in sys_domicrosleep (microsec=<value optimized out>,
    pollem=<value optimized out>) at s_inter.c:193
#25 0x080b5900 in m_scheduler () at m_sched.c:489
#26 0x080b8a9a in sys_main (argc=1, argv=0xbfe21d74) at s_main.c:318
#27 0x080c1c8f in main (argc=-1244847488, argv=0x1) at s_entry.c:31


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