[Gridflow-dev] GridFlow 0.9.4

olsen wolf sesselastronaut at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 7 05:30:01 EDT 2008

i'm trying to install gridflow 0.9.4 on a fresh ubuntustudio(8.04) box
- offering me an obstacle by gettin the quicktime aka quicktime.h to
be found. libquicktimehv-dev + dependencies installed from
http://akirad.cinelerra.org as mentioned on cinelerra
i added
export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/include/lqt/
where the quicktime.h is located
but no reward for this one...
thanks for help&greets

olsen at HASA-Chicxulub:~/pd/extra/gridflow-0.9.4$ ./configure
--gem-include /home/olsen/pd/gem-0.91.1/src/

This is the GridFlow 0.9.4 configurator
[gcc3] GNU C++ Compiler 3 (or 4):
--------------------------------------------> found
[stl] C++ Standard Template Library:
-----------------------------------------> found
[gcc64] GNU C++ in 64-bit mode:
----------------------------------------------> missing (runtime
[pentium] Pentium-compatible CPU:
--------------------------------------------> found
[mmx] MMX-compatible CPU (using NASM):
---------------------------------------> missing (return false)
[x11] X11 Display Protocol:
--------------------------------------------------> found
[x11_shm] X11 acceleration by shared memory (XSHM plugin):
-------------------> found
[sdl] Simple Directmedia Layer (experimental support):
-----------------------> found
[objcpp] GNU/Apple ObjectiveC++ Compiler:
------------------------------------> missing (where is objc/Object.h
[quartz] Apple Quartz/Cocoa Display:
-----------------------------------------> disabled (would need
[aalib] Ascii Art Library:
---------------------------------------------------> missing (where is
aalib.h ?)
[netpbm] NetPBM 10 Library:
--------------------------------------------------> found
[jpeg] JPEG Library:
---------------------------------------------------------> found
[png] PNG Library <libpng12/png.h>:
------------------------------------------> found
[videodev] Video4linux Digitizer Driver Interface:
---------------------------> found
[dc1394] DC1394 for Linux:
---------------------------------------------------> found
[mpeg3] HeroineWarrior LibMPEG3 <libmpeg3/libmpeg3.h>:
-----------------------> missing (where is libmpeg3/libmpeg3.h ?)
[mpeg3] HeroineWarrior LibMPEG3 <libmpeg3.h>:
--------------------------------> found
[quicktimeapple] Apple's QuickTime:
------------------------------------------> missing (gcc compilation
[quicktimehw] Plaum's LibQuickTime (try #1) <lqt/quicktime.h>:
---------------> missing (gcc compilation error)
[quicktimehw] Plaum's LibQuickTime (try #1) <quicktime/quicktime.h>:
---------> missing (where is quicktime/quicktime.h ?)
[quicktimehw] Plaum's LibQuickTime (try #2) <lqt/quicktime.h>:
---------------> missing (gcc compilation error)
[quicktimehw] Plaum's LibQuickTime (try #2) <quicktime/quicktime.h>:
---------> missing (where is quicktime/quicktime.h ?)
[puredata] PureData (or DesireData):
-----------------------------------------> found
[desiredata] DesireData:
-----------------------------------------------------> missing (gcc:
error: 'gobj_subscribe' was not declared in this scope)
[gem09] PureData GEM (source code) with m_holdname:
--------------------------> found
[gem08] PureData GEM (source code) without m_holdname:
-----------------------> disabled (using gem09 instead)
[opencv] Intel OpenCV:
-------------------------------------------------------> found
[fftw] FFTW (Fastest Fourier Transform in the West):
-------------------------> found

generating ./config.make
generating config.h
See ./config.log if you want the details of the configuration tests.
If you are satisfied with that configuration, you may go on,
and do "make". "make install" is not needed anymore,
just move your gridflow directory to "lib/pd/extra".
If you get stuck, you could contact the author about it,
but first make sure you read "doc/install.html".

2008/7/8 Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca>:
>  http://gridflow.ca/download/gridflow-0.9.4.tar.gz
> version 0.9.4 (2008.07.04):
>  * [#convolve] takes more RAM but gets faster on OSX
>  * added [listread], [receives], [ascii_to_f], [plotter_parser], [list.==]
>  * added [cv.Invert], [cv.SVD], [expect], [#hello]
>  * [plotter_control] supports most other commands and uppercase selectors
>  * added [#in dc1394]
>  * added [#window] (a shortcut for a [spigot] and a [#out window])
>  * rewrote [listflatten] (was removed in 0.9.2)
>  * [#camera] greys out unavailable options and supports dc1394
>  * added "GridFlow index" in Help menu (like Pd's right-click on blank)
>  * made arguments optional in [#border] [#draw_image] [#draw_polygon]
>  * [#draw_polygon]: added attribute "draw" (fill, line)
>  * [#draw_polygon]: added attribute "omit" (none, last, odd)
>  * support whitespace in symbols again (after bug in 0.9.2)
>  * fixed ppm loader
>  * [#fft]: added attribute "real"
>  * added example frequency_mask.pd
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> | Mathieu Bouchard - tél:+1.514.383.3801, Montréal, Québec
> _______________________________________________
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Planet Pluto bleibt!

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