[Gridflow-dev] gridflow rblti

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Oct 12 14:50:27 EDT 2007

On Sun, 30 Sep 2007, olsen wolf wrote:

>> NOTE: This file (the text below the dotted line)  is slightly
>> out of date. This folder is a version of pylti that supports
>> ruby (rblti) and compiles with gcc. Make sure that gcc 3.x
>> is being used because LTIlib still can't be compiled using
>> gcc 4.x and because C++ libraries can only be linked together
>> if they use the same major version of gcc. If you want to use
>> LTIlib with GridFlow then GridFlow must also be compiled using
>> gcc 3.x.

It's possible that this text only applied to ltilib 1.9.12, as 1.9.15 
fixed the problems that we knew about, but it's also possible that there 
are some more problems with gcc 4.1 and 4.2, but there is no release 
beyond 1.9.15.

For gcc 3.x I don't remember what happened, if lti 1.9.15 has any problem 
with gcc 3.x. If your problem is that you want to switch compilers, you 
have to switch the compiler for the whole of GridFlow, because of conflict 
of C++ libraries (that could be avoided, but gcc/ld/libdl don't know how).
So you would redo ./configure, make, cd optional/rblti, make.

Besides, the lti support we have isn't so great, but most of all, ltilib 
itself is in standby: no new 1.9 releases; 2.0 started long ago; 2.0 is 
quite incompatible with 1.9; 2.0 is not getting released; ltilib's 
mailing-list is less active than gridflow-dev.

In comparison, opencv has a lot of action. the mailing-list is comparable 
in volume to pd-list. It seems also somewhat less complicated than ltilib 
and it's a great occasion to get rid of a lot of ruby code (the ruby-to-pd 
wrapper). however, opencv doesn't have all the features of ltilib and 
ltilib doesn't have all the features of opencv.

I estimate that people will appreciate opencv support much more than 
ltilib support. If there's anything of ltilib that one of us needs and 
which is not in opencv, we will figure out a way to get the equivalent 
feature or perhaps make a mini-ltilib source distribution containing only 
what we can't find anywhere else.

Sorry for this news about ltilib support but this is a decision that had 
to be made.

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