[Gridflow-dev] [win32] Building on MinGW, possible?

federico mescalinum at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 16:30:45 EDT 2007

> > what I could do? [could be replaced by malloc() eventually?]
> Hey. Has this been sorted out yet? I had not really looked at that mail
> yet... In gridflow2.h there are the lines:
> #ifdef __APPLE__
> static inline void *memalign (size_t a, size_t n) {return malloc(n);}
> #else
> #include <malloc.h>
> #endif
> So perhaps you want to change the #ifdef so that it also comes up with a
> bogus memalign() as for OSX.
> Actually, GridFlow used to have its own alignment, and then I discovered
> memalign, but it turns out it's not standard enough, so I'll have to
> revert to older tricks soon I guess... (alignment is getting ever more
> important)

IIRC I solved that so.
but other compiler errors came after.

but it was many time ago; in the while I got a decent connection, I
switched back to linux on my primary machine, so didn't care much
about that.

still I have a windows installation on my laptop I can try to, but
this will happen when I'll be less busy with studying :|
(as you can see I'm no longer too much in list or in chat, I'm sorry for that)


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