[Gridflow-dev] GridFlow 0.9

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Jan 16 22:42:15 EST 2007

Here are a few things that spell the end of GridFlow 0.x:

  * I'll introduce -lib tcl. I've begun coding it, albeit not too
    seriously; I'll do that gradually, as I need it. Yes, Tcl code is
    really going to replace most of the Ruby code. I made my own OOP
    extensions to Tcl, which I called Poetcl, and which will be used
    for -lib tcl just like we're using it for DesireData.

  * You won't be able to use GridFlow without Pd anymore. AFAIK, no-one
    ever did that except me, and I haven't done it in the last year or
    two. gridflow/base/test.rb hasn't been used in a long time. For
    automated tests I'll mostly use PureUnity, which means a bunch of
    PureData patches. I expect to make calls to <m_pd.h> directly from
    gridflow.so. Eventually, a lot of things that don't need to use Ruby
    nor Tcl, won't use either, and will talk directly to Pd.

  * the stuff in the "format" and "optional" folders might get separated
    from the main part of GridFlow, in the sense that you would be able
    to run a GridFlow compiled with support for "everything" on a
    machine that doesn't have all the dependencies installed. That means
    a bunch of *.pd_linux files but not more than necessary.

There are other major ideas coming but I think that the above is enough to 
meditate about for now...

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