[Gridflow-dev] profiler and stuff

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Jan 16 14:46:56 EST 2007

I'm removing the object profiler completely because it's currently not 
working and it's just making GridFlow more complicated than it needs to 

I also removed the other profiler (memory allocation and memory copying) 
as I don't plan to use any of this and I can't imagine anyone else using 

It seems like removing both profilers makes GridFlow significantly faster, 
but I may be wrong. May anyone else measure the difference?... using just 
[fps] for example. I'm developing on a Pentium M and it seems like weird 
things are happening with the CPU clock.

Also don't be surprised if "grid" messages no longer say the number type 
and the dimensions. You're supposed to use [#type] and [#dim] for that 

I'm also introducing set_chunk as a replacement for set_factor (that's in 
GridOutlet). This is also a simplification. In that case you only need to 
specify the dimension number and not a number of elements.

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