[Gridflow-dev] ltilib in gridflow cvs

olsen sesselastronaut at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 30 15:21:11 EDT 2007

ei matju
as you suggested for detecting color from a video source & get the 
coordinates i'm trying to use #moment & i'll have to get back onto this 
ltilib issue - as it is part of the #moment class.
so i updated my gridflow cvs & did the make thing giving me the 
following output:

olsen at ll-928:~/pd/extra/gridflow/optional/rblti$ make
cp /usr/local/include/ltilib/config.h ./patched/ltiLinConfig.h
FOO=$(echo colors_wrap.cxx | sed 's/_wrap\.cxx$//') ;\
         echo FOO is $FOO ;\
         swig -v -c++ -ruby -I./generated -I./patched \
-w509,-312,-362,-389,-801,-314 -o ./${FOO}_wrap.shoo ./swig/$FOO.i ;\
         ./munge.rb < ${FOO}_wrap.shoo > ${FOO}_wrap.cxx ;\
         sed -i "s/Init_rblti/Init_$FOO/" colors_wrap.cxx
FOO is colors
LangSubDir: ruby
Search paths:
./swig/colors.i:22: Error: Extraneous #endif.
/bin/sh: cannot open colors_wrap.shoo: No such file
sed: can't read colors_wrap.cxx: No such file or directory
make: *** [colors_wrap.cxx] Error 2


Planet Pluto bleibt!

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