[Gridflow-dev] [rubypd] cannot convert argument of class 'Array'

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Oct 26 11:33:33 EDT 2006

Claude wrote (on IRC):

> hmm, got a weird problem:  " error: ArgumentError: [rubypd] cannot 
> convert argument of class 'Array' in send_out2 in method_missing"
> i think "put_at ( ... )" might be getting mangled in [fork], let me 
> check....
> yep: "put_at ( 0 )"--[fork]--[#print] -> error message

I fixed this and related bugs, a few days ago. Something weird that has to 
do with Ruby's scoping and namespaces and modifying built-in classes, that 
caused the appearance of a second "Array" class that was hiding the main 
"Array" class... argh

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