[Gridflow-dev] Weird behaviour...

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed Mar 29 00:27:40 EST 2006

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, Michal Seta wrote:

> Now, I opened pd_examples/cellular_1d.pd

works perfectly here...

> error: ArgumentError: got 1 elements in last dimension, expecting <= 0
> base/flow_objects.c.fcs:247:in `void GridStore::grin_0(GridInlet*, long int, T*) [with T = int32]'
> [#store]
> ... you might be able to track this down from the Find menu.
> ...repeated about bazillion times (more or less).

If it didn't crash you could use "Find Last Error" to find out which 
#store it comes from. Pd patches don't have "line numbers" (sigh).

> Note, that also [plugin~] segfaults since Saturday (when I rebooted my
> machine for the first time in about 3 months).

You are using Debian. You upgraded in the last 3 months and didn't reboot 
to see if something broke. Something got upgraded but not reloaded and so 
you were running the old working copy while the new buggy/incompatible 
copy was sitting unused on the harddisk. Well, that's how I'd explain it, 
except I can't pinpoint anything down.

> #0  0xb7d2dffc in free () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
> #1  0xb743001f in flext_root_single::operator delete ()
>    from /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pool.pd_linux
> #2  0xb742a478 in operator delete () from /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pool.pd_linux

What is flext doing in there?... What if you don't load flext? GridFlow 
does not use flext. I wonder how it can even call flext.

> #3  0xb7407d67 in ~Pointer (this=0x0) at bridge/puredata.c.fcs:97

Either gdb is lying or this is a serious problem. This is an attempt to 
destruct the object pointed by NULL, but NULL doesn't point anywhere by 

> #4  0xb646bf95 in CObject_free (foo=0x91a808c) at base/main.c.fcs:83

Maybe you could try loading with valgrind 
--suppressions=gridflow/tests/suppressions.valg3 which might report more 
interesting things than gdb.

> #26 0xb6468be7 in GridFlow_handle_braces (rself=0, argv=3061033608)
>     at base/main.c.fcs:445


> #36 0x0809f5e2 in pd_typedmess ()
> #37 0x00002951 in ?? ()
> #38 0x08283e20 in ?? ()
> #39 0xffffffff in ?? ()

serious stack smashing starting at #37 or something.

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