[Gridflow-dev] deleting inlets/outlets at runtime.

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Jul 24 19:15:49 EDT 2006

since right now, when writing externals using GridFlow/Ruby, adding inlets 
at runtime using:

   self.add_inlets n

is obsolete and to be replaced by:

   self.ninlets += n

because this also allows those forms:

   self.ninlets -= n
   self.ninlets = n

which may delete inlets if the value of ninlets becomes smaller than what 
it was (please don't delete inlets that are still connected, because then, 
Pd goes crazy).

all those things also work with self.noutlets= as a replacement of 

since right now, GridFlow also redraws the object on which inlets/outlets 
have been added (or removed) at runtime (previously one had to minimize 
the canvas and then unminimize it to reveal changes, or else do it during 
initialize2 which is called just before the object is drawn).

As for anything else in Ruby, those things are available from C/C++ using 

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