[Gridflow-dev] fixes for [#draw_polygon]'s help patch

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Sat Jan 14 03:13:32 EST 2006

4 numbers were sent to an @import that expected 8...

error: ArgumentError: in [[#draw_polygon put 1.0]], 'lines' is empty
base/flow_objects_for_image.c.fcs:425:in `void 
DrawPolygon::grin_0(GridInlet*, int, Pt<T>) [with T = int32]'
[#draw_polygon put 1.0]

@three is broken...

error: ArgumentError: image does not have same number of channels as 
stored color
base/flow_objects_for_image.c.fcs:429:in `void 
DrawPolygon::grin_0(GridInlet*, int, Pt<T>) [with T = int32]'
[#draw_polygon put 1.0]

Attached is a fixed version, also with deprecated (and broken) @objects 
replaced by the new style #objects.  Would be great if gridflow 
supported the newish classname-help.pd filename standard, too!

Maybe it's time for me to accept that offer of an artengine CVS account, 
if it still stands?

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