[Gridflow-dev] [osx] profiler_dump?

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Mon Apr 17 16:11:39 EDT 2006


...I haven't really been using gridflow since it consistently bombs  
out with the stackerror that we talked about on #dataflow last week,  
but I've left it in my .pdrc, so it keeps loading...just noticed that  
there was a gridflow menu, and so I selected the "profiler_dump" to  
see what it said:

[gf] --------------------------------
[gf] microseconds percent pointer  constructor
[gf] returning 0x00000003
[gf] returning 0x00000003
[gf] returning 0x00000003
error: FloatDomainError: Infinity
/Users/tigital/puredataDev/gridflow/base/flow_objects.rb:52:in `to_i'

(note:  gridflow is just loaded, and no gridflow patches have been  

...does this tell us something needs to be fixed, or is this to be  


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