[Gridflow-dev] #centroid: added two extra outlets

Alexandre Castonguay acastonguay at artengine.ca
Thu Jun 16 20:32:51 EDT 2005

Le Jeudi 16 Juin 2005 18:16, vous avez écrit :
> Actually I almost deleted #centroid.pd to rename [#centroid2] to
> [#centroid], because #centroid2 is several times faster. You should use
> [#centroid2] whenever possible. If you want to add the same feature to
> [#centroid2] it's only two more lines of code but it's C++.
Good, can you add it ;-?

> It could return more if I am using voxels instead of pixels. For example,
> a voxel image would be shaped like (layers,rows,columns,channels), which
> is one more dimension than a pixel image. This is also equivalent to
> putting a whole movie in a grid: (frames,rows,columns,channels).
So [#centroid2] could be used with voxels to get frame number values and 
centroid position at once? What would be returned by the 'x' and 'y' position 
outlets in that case, would it break?

Maybe there should be only one [#centroid] object? I would opt for the 

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