[Gridflow-dev] [bug] format out targa gzfile doesn't accept uint8

ClaudiusMaximus gloriousclaudiusmaximus at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 29 15:31:24 EDT 2005


#out complained that uint8 wasn't a valid type - the exact error is:

error: ArgumentError: [#io:targa out gzfile test.tga.gz]: number type
uint8 not supported here
base/grid.c.fcs:179:in `Ruby GridInlet::begin(int, Ruby*)'
[#io:targa out gzfile test.tga.gz]

Attached is a patch that exhibits this behaviour.

It works with int32, but there is another problem: writing a series of
images with different names all but the last can be opened fine with
Gimp, but the last gives an error - do I have to send a message to #out
to close the file properly or similar?

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