[Gridflow-dev] feature requests: @fold1, @foldr, @foldr1, @scan1. @scanr, @scanr1, unary ignore

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Wed Sep 8 12:17:10 EDT 2004

> Most likely not, but I am working on a patch for Puredata Trigger Gang 
> Bang 1 - have you any tips for connecting Gem with Gridflow?  I'm 
> experimenting with pix_snap, pix_dump and pix_set, but unsuccessful so 
> far in the 45mins I've spent on that aspect.

What do you think about using pf for this? If possible i'd like to make
gem and gridflow interface with pdp/pf in the same matter, keep it a bit

About this pf pluggin i still have a small question.

How do you see the idea of making pf support a compile time option of gridflow?
Libpdp is a system library independent of pd so this should pose no problems.

That is, as long it is possible to do this outside of gridflow core with
a pd object depending on both gridflow and libpdp, but i'm not sure about
this actually.


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