[Gridflow-dev] ping (fwd)

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Sun Sep 5 23:23:08 EDT 2004

ok, i've been thinking and i know how to do this. in pd/pf, not in solo pf. 
the most important thing is i need to fully represent a grid in pf. then the 
only thing to do is to build a small bridge pd object that will convert between 
gridflow and pdp protocol, depending on pf (libpdp/libtile).

i ran into a problem modularizing some transpose (interleave) code
and this made me realize i need a generic grid interpretation of a raw buffer.
this would have the type description:


this describes a 8 bit, planar row encoded image: w=320 h=240 planes=3

i need this for generalized transpose functions mainly, but it could serve
as the bridge to gridflow grid.

the alternative is something like:


i'd like to keep it a pure bitgrid, and leave the interpretation upstream.
this would simplify the code a lot. but it does mean that it might not be
enough to catch the full meaning of a gridflow grid.

your thoughs?

a short note:
i noticed you use loop unrolling macros in grid.h
i found out gcc does this very well automaticly, even with vector extensions.
if you look at the libtile codelet library in gdb, you'll see the asm code has
a unrolled body and start and end stubs. the code is generated by combining
iterator and operation macros.

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