[Gridflow-dev] ping (fwd)

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Sat Aug 28 09:52:47 EDT 2004

> > i have one big question actially. is gridflow seperable from pd and ruby?
> GridFlow is absolutely not separable from neither C++ nor Ruby.
> That is, unless you want to go back to GridFlow 0.5 (may 2002)...
ouch. does gridflow rely on ruby's garbage collector? (if there is any,
sorry don't know nothing bout ruby myself)

how important is the ruby part?

> > maybe i shouldn't quote esr on this (or at all) but i did read his
> > latest unix book and like the way he presents the 'policy' vs
> > 'mechanism' thing. that's what it's all about, in the end.
> I think you are being quite unclear here.

i'm sorry. more precisely i was talking about this:

> > * first map the data types in one go
> ok, so let's write [#import_pdp] and [#export_pdp]. What packet-types
> ought to be supported by those two object-classes? I mean a GridFlow Grid
> should map to how many PDP packet-types, and which ones?

no, i'd like to keep puredata out of it, if possible. i'd like to connect
on the c/c++ library level. i.e. just a language binding between gridflow
and pf, in the way you would connect to ruby i presume.

> > * then incrementally map functionality, do what you need most first.
> > this works really well. maybe i'll make it my business one day.
> I'm trying to make GF my business, but I don't work often enough on it :-/

obsession seems to be a prerequisite..

> > so.. any thoughts to this suddon attack of enthousiasm?
> I hope it lasts.

the enthousiasm usually lasts, it's only it's focus that changes when
non-anticipated problems arise that change the shape of the cost

there are a few key points that would make it impossible or far fetched to
try integration. i'm just trying to figure out some points before i start
digging into the code. i might just pick out the functionality alone..

if it's easy enough (like it was for integrating guile with pf) i'll do
it. otherwize i will switch to something else.

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