[Gridflow-cvs] [svn] commit: r6002 - /trunk/src/gridflow.cxx

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Mon Aug 9 13:08:34 EDT 2010

Author: matju
Date: Mon Aug  9 13:08:32 2010
New Revision: 6002

sys_load_lib decl needs to be moved out of HAVE_GEM because of PDP


Modified: trunk/src/gridflow.cxx
--- trunk/src/gridflow.cxx (original)
+++ trunk/src/gridflow.cxx Mon Aug  9 13:08:32 2010
@@ -1022,11 +1022,11 @@
+extern "C" void sys_load_lib(t_canvas *,const char *);
 #ifdef HAVE_GEM
 //struct GemVersion {static const char *versionString();};
 struct GemState    {GemState(); char trabant[666];};
 struct imageStruct {imageStruct(); char lada[666];};
-extern "C" void sys_load_lib(t_canvas *,const char *);
 //#define sys_load_lib(A,B) do {post("pre sys_load_lib(%s)",B); sys_load_lib(A,B); post("post sys_load_lib(%s)",B);} while(0)
 static void try_loading_gem () {

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