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Mon Nov 9 00:47:34 EST 2009

Author: matju
Date: Mon Nov  9 00:47:33 2009
New Revision: 4826

remove obsolete


Modified: trunk/doc/locale/english.tcl
--- trunk/doc/locale/english.tcl (original)
+++ trunk/doc/locale/english.tcl Mon Nov  9 00:47:33 2009
@@ -63,7 +63,6 @@
 say #outer           "apply numeric operator on all possible combinations of elements of one grid with elements of another"
 say #pack            "combine floats on separate inlets to make a grid"
 say #perspective     "divide each point by its depth"
-say #polygonize      "(future use)"
 say #print           "print to console"
 say #redim           "change the size of a grid by restreaming contents into a new shape"
 say #reverse         "mirror image of a grid along a dimension"
@@ -93,7 +92,6 @@
 say range            "multiple moses in cascade"
 say receives         "multiple receives with common outlet and other outlet telling the name of intended destination"
 say route2           "route messages but keep them intact (does not remove selector)"
-say send39           "backward-compatibility crutch for dynamic patching in pd 0.39"
 say shunt            "demultiplexer: send input to separately specified outlet"
 say systemtime       "time spent by process in kernel mode, as measured by the OS"
 say tsctime          "high-resolution real time, as measured by the CPU"
@@ -107,9 +105,7 @@
 say #checkers         "make image of chequered background in two tones of grey"
 say #clip             "min and max"
 say #color            "GUI for selecting a colour"
-say condition         "Castonguay rectangle bounds-checking"
 say #contrast         "adjust contrast in two different ways"
-say count             "Castonguay counter"
 say #fade_lin         "fade in piecewise-linear fashion"
 say #fade             "fade in exponential-decay fashion (linear recurrence)"
 say #fastblur         "speedy shortcut for rectangular blur"

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