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Author: matju
Date: Sun Nov  1 15:03:37 2009
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Modified: trunk/doc/index.html
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+++ trunk/doc/index.html Sun Nov  1 15:03:37 2009
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 	<li><b>1</b> : you just did a SVN update and now the program does not compile, or 
 crashes, or changes didn't go through. <ul>
-		<li>If a new directory is created, you need to do <kbd>cvs update -d</kbd>. 
-	  Many people just add that option to their configuration of the SVN software.</li>
 		<li>When some kinds of changes have happened, you may have to rerun the <kbd>configure</kbd> 
 	program before redoing <kbd>make</kbd>. If you had previously reconfigured with specific options, 
 	don't forget to use them again in this case.</li>

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