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 	are usually streamed from object to object, but they can also be stored in
 	memory, stored into a file, sent through the network.
-	</p><p> As of version 0.6 GridFlow provides scripting, which inserts itself
-	between the first and second layer to provide additional functionality. The
-	language that has been chosen is Ruby, designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto
-	during the 90's. This new layer is used for portability between host
-	software (PureData vs jMax at the time), for portability between platforms (Windows/Mac
-	versions do not exist but would be farther ahead if it wasn't for Ruby),&nbsp;for quick extensibility (you can create
-	PureData object classes directly in GridFlow's configuration file), 
-	and so on.
 	</p><p> In short, GridFlow is a whole new world of possibilities for
 	the multimedia artist and programmer.

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