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Wed Sep 24 16:35:14 EDT 2008

Here's some info following last night presentation.

SM-58 look alike mics.
The instructions for building your own microphone circuitry are at :
http://www.christianmusicweb.com/microphones/mic_project.html .  There are
many other sources and you'll find that the capacitors and resistors
values do vary between 2.2 to 10 microFarads and from 2.2 to 10 k-ohms. 
Looks like all the combinations will work but have some variations in the
rendering of lower frequencies, keep trying.
The best source for the electret microphone capsule (Panasonic WM-61A) as
well as for capacitors and resistors is Digikey.ca ( http://digikey.ca ). 
Others have it but so far I found Digikey to be reliable, fast (next day
delivery) and reasonably priced.

I choose to build my microphones using the ice cream cone shaped
microphones from the "dollar store".  At times they even stock some of
those cheap mics with an xlr connector.  Just get rid of the inside and
use the case and the xlr connector to insert your own circuit.

Flowerpot microphones
These use the same circuit as above except that it is housed in a large
flowerpot (weight keeps it from falling over) and shielded from the
The original idea came from oldbird (see
http://www.oldbird.org/mike-home.html ).

Small 9-watts stereo amplifier kit
These kits are made by a company found at http://41hz.com .  They cost
around 30$ and use surface mount components.  Should soldering these
components appear as a challenge, send me an e-mail and I'll link you with
someone that will help.

Thanks to all for a great evening.


> The September meeting was great!
> Normand and Guy shared their homemade ($5-$10) microphones with us.
> Guy showed us a great looking/sounding 9 watt/channel audio amp kit.
> Jordan demo'd his Arduino synth, and Sean gave us a peak at his recent
> video-bending project.
> If any of the above presenters have any links related to their
> projects (schematics, resources, etc.,), please share them w/ us!
> Fred and Normand also introduced us to Pure Dyne
> (http://code.goto10.org/projects/puredyne/), a cd-bootable operating
> system for audio/video artists, allowing instant access to programs
> like Pure Data, Audacity, etc., etc., etc.
> Looking forward to the winter meeting!
> Cheers,
> Andrew (ao).
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