[Dorkbot-ott] September meeting+ more

Ryan Stec artistic at artengine.ca
Wed Sep 24 11:16:43 EDT 2008

It did sound like a great meeting! I'm sorry I missed it.

In terms of schematics it would be great if people could post them here, 
as I would love to post them on the Artengine Blog as well. We need to 
get our monthly post up ;)

I am wondering about having a November Edition of Dorkbot during the 
Electric Fields festival. There should be a pretty big audience around 
for electronic art so it might make for a really great night. There are 
a few dates available. Let me know what people think might work best.

The festival is from November 13th to 23rd. There is nothing on Monday 
the 17th or Sunday the 23rd. The Monday might create some interest after 
the launch and the first weekend, and at the end of the festival could 
pick up more interest still, however, people might also be tired by the end.

Sunday the 16th in the evening is also available, but we will be having 
a panel during the day as well as a screening of a 35mm cinescope print 
of Tron.

Let me know what people think.


Ryan Stec
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a o wrote:
> The September meeting was great!
> Normand and Guy shared their homemade ($5-$10) microphones with us.
> Guy showed us a great looking/sounding 9 watt/channel audio amp kit.
> Jordan demo'd his Arduino synth, and Sean gave us a peak at his recent
> video-bending project.
> If any of the above presenters have any links related to their
> projects (schematics, resources, etc.,), please share them w/ us!
> Fred and Normand also introduced us to Pure Dyne
> (http://code.goto10.org/projects/puredyne/), a cd-bootable operating
> system for audio/video artists, allowing instant access to programs
> like Pure Data, Audacity, etc., etc., etc.
> Looking forward to the winter meeting!
> Cheers,
> Andrew (ao).
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