Artists & curators accepts submissions on an ongoing basis. Being an independent artist-run space, artists and curators are not charged and no fees are given. Process and experimentation are encouraged and no exhibitions are scheduled more than a year in advance. terminal.collective will assist in publicity, installation, invitations, web, and security. Emerging artists and curators are also welcome to apply. Applications may be in any format deemed appropriate.

current exhibition

tic TOC, tic TOC, tic TOC, tic TOC, tic TOC, tic TOC, is pleased to announce a new exhibition entitled "Clock Box", an installation by Artist Adrian Göllner. Opening is on Thursday December 16th between 7-10pm, the show continues on the Friday and Saturday between 10am and 4pm.
Previous Artists
    Thierry Brégaint
    Patrick Chevalier
    Tim Dallett
    Val Van Hauk
    UFO Research Group
Previous Curators
    Crosely Bendix
    Tim Dallett
    Kenneth Emig
    Christopher Healey
    Donna Wawzonek
    Angela Prokopiak
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