Artists and Projects

Hooley's (location no. 1)
Superfan Trilogy
by Jillian Mcdonald

Superfan Trilogy stars Jillian Mcdonald riding in vehicles with costars Billy Bob Thornton, Vincent Gallo, and Donald Sutherland. Despite their attempts at conversation, the trio of actors can't shake her concentration on the game.

Jillian Mcdonald is a Canadian artist, living in New York where she teaches art at Pace University. Solo shows include Moti Hasson Gallery in New York and YYZ in Toronto. She received numerous grants and residencies and shows her work internationally. Mcdonald is a devoted fan of actor Billy Bob Thornton and zombie films.

Lieutenants Pump (location no. 2)
by Andra McCartney
and Don Sinclair

Audiences engage with experiences of a long distance cyclist through dynamic interpretation of data collected during a thirteen hour round trip. Using sonification (from music by Rainer Wiens) and visualization of speed, pedaling cadence, and heart rate; and through a logbook, audience members weave their own experiences into the installation.

Andra McCartney is a soundwalk artist, professor and parent currently residing in Montréal, where she teaches sound in media for the Communication Studies department at Concordia University. She has written extensively about soundscape composer Hildegard Westerkamp, and has undertaken several large projects on gender and sound technologies. She makes sound works for CD, radio, installation, and Internet.

Don Sinclair is a new media artist, professor, parent, and cyclist residing in Toronto. Drawing from his background in music, mathematics, computer science, and interdisciplinary studies, Don works in a variety of contexts including gallery installations, new media performance, interactive dance, and the web. He is currently Chair of the Fine Arts Cultural Studies Program at York University.

The Manx (location no. 3)
by Florian Hollerweger

1002 uses customized software to magnify the emotions transported within a 100 meter sprint. The audio recording of a race is gradually decelerated in time and space, stretching to 100 seconds rather than the usual 10. For this work the artist has selected two famous Canadian Olympic finishes, that of Ben Johnson (1988) and Donovan Bailey (1996).

Florian Hollerweger was born in 1980 in Linz, Austria. He works as a sound artist, programmer, sound engineer, and performer. He has performed his own pieces as well as collaborative works with Pd~graz and others in the United States, Canada, and countries across Europe. Florian is currently studying at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Lieutenants Pump (location no. 2)
by Linda Norstrom

A theoretical algorithm creates an unexpected connection between concrete statistical data and the superstitious beliefs of numerology. Presented as a series of prints, this hybrid of information becomes highly subject to interpretation providing possible mystical properties to the statistics of an individual soccer player.

Linda Norstrom is a local artist and avid soccer mom. Her work has been screened in Europe and Canada, most recently at the Ottawa Art Gallery. She is a member of the Available Light Screening Collective and has been an active member in the media arts community for over a decade.

All 3 locations
I'm #2
Liz Garlicki

This intervention piece works in a public space. Subtle and integrated into the scenery of a sports pub, the coaster making the statement "I'm #2" is a comment on the artist's own relation to competition; sports and life.

This project is presented in partnership with Gallery 101 and McAuslan Breweries.

Liz Garlicki has exhibited at Gallery 101, The New Gallery, and numerous venues in Winnipeg, including the 2006 supernovas at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. A graduate of the University of Manitoba's B.F.A. Honours programme, currently Liz supports students and newcomers to the Winnipeg art community through her employment as the Gallery Assistant at aceartinc., in the Winnipeg Exchange area.