Welcome to my web page

Painting artist since 1990,
with Bachalor and Master
degree from BHE University
in Educational Phycology.

Following is sample of my skill and work related performances:


* Research on color recognition in special needs children.
* Research on psychological and social events of arts and painting on children.
* Assisted in writing and presenting the book title "Proficiency and art".
* Writing and presenting a paper in the field of children’s painting.


1.Painting related performances in water color (currently online)
2.Individual painting performance in personal gallery (water color)
3. Group painting in Barg Gallery (Binal designer)
4.Individual drawing performance in personal gallery
5.Painting performance in Assar gallery (oil color)
6.Private painting performance in private gallery
7.Individual painting performance in Vessel gallery
8.Cube Galllery Group exibition ( 2007 - Ottawa, ON)
9.Saw Gallery Cube exibition( 2007 - Ottawa , ON)