Ludic Fields

On July 1, Artengine will launch the first phase of Ludic Fields, an interactive installation that will connect three sites across the city. Beginning in Ogilvy Square, a series of sculptures will invite users to take a moment during the day and lose themselves in a field of colour. At night, the sculptures will wake up and beckon participants to explore colour in a different light. As the second phase launches, the fields will spread across the city to two OC Transpo Transitway Stations.

Ogilvy Square, at the east end of the Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa, is the first of the three Ludic Fields sites and will be linked with a series of sculptures at Baseline and Blair stations. Watch for an opening announcement in mid-July.

In its full form, Ludic Fields will be a set of immersive sculptures communicating across the city. When you walk into them, they will react and respond to your movement with undulating light displays that sweep over to neighbouring sculptures. As the structures are added at Baseline and Blair, activity at any site will influence the lights at the others, rippling out like waves in a pond.

This project is a unique collaboration between Artengine, Lateral Office and Andrew O’Malley.

Artengine is a centre for art, design and research in Ottawa.
Lateral Office is a research-based architecture office based in Toronto.
Andrew O'Malley is a light and sound artist based in Ottawa.
Design collaboration and fabrication by Generique Design in Montreal.

The project is supported by OC Transpo and the City of Ottawa through its Public Art Program.