Electric Fields 2010

Electric Fields 2010


Artengine is always interested in what's under the hood, and the Electric Fields festival is no exception. Two speaking events will highlight very different approaches to the content of our programming.

Creative Language

Electric Fields will mark the start of a new speaker series presented in partnership between Algonquin College and Artengine. This inaugural edition is also in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands as we focus on the influence of the Dutch of two creative artists whose works straddle the world of commercial design and the media arts.

Bass: A Myth-Science of the Sonic Body

Theorist and DJ Paul Jasen plumbs the depths of the audio spectrum in this wide-ranging investigation of low-frequency sound, sensation, and sonic culture. At high enough volumes, bass resonates bones and organs, even disrupting thought and breath. At low enough frequencies, it veers into inaudibility, becoming more felt than heard as it skirts the edges of conscious perception. Its effects can be mystifying, drawing the imagination into the body and inviting experimentation. This discussion will focus on sonic cultural practices – musical and otherwise – which exploit the body's capacity to interact with low-frequency force. Audio examples will be drawn from the dancefloor, the cathedral, the gallery and the lab, with detours through acoustic weapons research, infrasonic ‘hauntings,' and exploding cars. And, with the help of the festival's 4000 watt sound system, audience members will have the rare opportunity to feel the sound, in its multi-sensory complexity. Earplugs are recommended.

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