Electric Fields 2010

Electric Fields 2010

Karsh-Masson Gallery

Artists: nichola feldman-kiss, Donna Legault, Gordon Monahan,
Andrew O'Malley and Catherine Richards

Electronic art is often fluid and elusive. Ideas are often ahead of technology. An artist's work is often evolving. In collaboration with the City of Ottawa and the Karsh-Masson Gallery, Electric Fields examines the role of the prototype in the work of 5 artists from the region.

Viewers will get an inside look at the process behind Gordon Monahan's Speaker Swinging as it has evolved with technology over the years. With nichola feldman-kiss we are positioned at the bleeding edge of technology as she works with leading eye researchers on new ways of seeing. Andrew O'Malley and Donna Legault both expand on concepts at work in previous projects, pushing the ideas into a new stage as they are driven by the desire for new experiments.

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