[Pdmtl] ANN: Purity dynamic patching for Python release 0.1.1

Alexandre Quessy listes at sourcelibre.com
Mon Oct 5 21:43:28 EDT 2009

Hi Pure Data users !
I am happy to announce the first official release of the Purity
dynamic patching package for Python.

You can install it using the command "sudo easy_install purity"
See its Python package at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/purity

Its official documentation is on the DataFlow wiki at
It is released under the terms of the GPL.

Purity is a Python library for Pure Data dynamic patching. The idea is
to be able to harness the power of Pure Data for audio programming
without having to use its graphical interface. Python's clear and
intuitive syntax can be used with profit in order to create intricate
patches with advanced string handling, graphical user interfaces and
asynchronous network operations. Purity uses Twisted, an event-driven
Python framework.

Alexandre Quessy

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