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B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu Feb 23 10:32:06 EST 2006

Hey all,

I recently got PD to talk to the iCubeX bluetooth thingy at my
University (linux), the hard part was making blueZ work well, and then
once I got that done then the whole rfcomm thing worked great.

As I recall [joystick] is either a old (maybe unsupported) object, or an
abstraction based around [hid] anyway...?

Keeping an eye on the CUI thing, while I have you here Dan we have been
talking on the PD list about having a standard way to access all the
FLOSS HW interfaces, so that there could be objects for [analog]
[digital] etc.. and they would work with CUI, Arduino, AID, MultiIO
etc.. It would require a standard API into these devices, at least for
the features that are common accross them (like analog and digital in
and out).


Dan Overholt wrote:
> OK, I'm happy to hear that. One of my students had tried it with the HID
> external last year and I seemed to recall some difficulties. But if it
> works smoothly with the joystick external, then all is well!
> I can go ahead and build both the USB and Bluetooth CUI for you if you'd
> like, and if some troubles do arise then I can try to help solve them at
> that time (I definitely want it to work properly with PD both on the Mac
> and linux). The total for both would be $265 then including $15 shipping.
> I'd also love to hear more about what you plan on using them for, as I'm
> always curious what kind of projects they end up in :)
> Best regards,
> -Dan
> ps. I can send info on the data stream coming from the Bluetooth one in
> another email. I can also send an example Max patch, which would likely be
> very similar to the way it would be done in PD (as well as try to set it
> up in PD)...
> On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Thomas Ouellet Fredericks wrote:
>>I have sucessfully and the CUI(AD) with Pure Data on XP and Linux Debian.
>>You do not need to use the HID external, you can use the joystick external
>>On 2/22/06, JN <jn at rom.fr> wrote:
>>>bonjour pdmtl
>>>Ci dessous une conversation avec Monsieur CUI,
>>>vous êtes plus à même que moi de lui répondre, je
>>>vous laisse la main. j'aimerai bien voir une page
>>>de ressources sur pd win, lin, mac et la CUI, si
>>>quelqu'un veut s'y coller. je ne suis pas assez
>>>spécialiste pour la faire, mais je peux
>>>éventuellement l'héberger sur artsens.org
>>>Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 16:11:45 -0800 (PST)
>>>From: Dan Overholt <dano at create.ucsb.edu>
>>>Hi Jean-Noel,
>>>The CUI hasn't really been tested much with PD yet, so maybe you can tell
>>>me what object to use to test HID input in pd on the mac first... I
>>>wouldn't want to sent it to you and discover that it's not working right
>>>with PD. My guess is that it will work fine - unfortunately though, I'm
>>>not set up with linux right now, but I could probably install ubuntu if
>>>you're not in a rush and try it as well. Please send links and maybe
>>>example patches on how to get HID data into PD.
>>>As for the bluetooth one, it uses the 'serial port profile' of bluetooth,
>>>meaning if PD can open a virtual com port it will work fine (I can explain
>>>the data format, header, etc). Due to the cost of bluetooth modules/Li-Ion
>>>battery/charger though, it is quite a bit more expensive than the normal
>>>CUI - $200. Currently there's not much I can do about this since the parts
>>>just cost a lot.
>>>Best regards,
>>>On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, JNM wrote:
>>>> Hello
>>>> Congratulations for your great work on the CUI
>>>> I am interested to buy one normal CUI 1.0 and a
>>>> bletooth one. please tell me the price, with
>>>> shipping for France .
>>>> we generaly use PD on mac and PC/linux
>>>> Jean-Noel Montagné
>>>> http://www.artsens.org
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>>>Pdmtl at artengine.ca
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