[Pdmtl] eNTERFACE 2006 Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces

Andrew Brouse brouse at music.mcgill.ca
Wed Feb 22 12:36:18 EST 2006

> Call for Participation for eNTERFACE 2006
> The SIMILAR NoE Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces
> July 17 - August 11, 2006
> Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
> Dubrovnik, Croatia
> The eNTERFACE summer workshops, organized by the SIMILAR European  
> FP6 Network of Excellence (www.similar.cc), aim at establishing a  
> tradition of collaborative, localized research and development work  
> by gathering, in a single place, a team of senior project leaders  
> in multimodal interfaces, researchers, and (undergraduate)  
> students, to work on a pre-specified list of challenges, for 4  
> weeks. Participants are organized in teams, attached to specific  
> projects, working on free software. Tutorial state-of-the art  
> surveys of aspects of multimodal interfaces design will be given  
> every week by invited senior researchers. Plenary sessions with  
> progress presentations by all teams shall be organized to stimulate  
> exchange of ideas.
> The eNTERFACE'06 committee now invites candidate participants to  
> apply for a summer workshop on multimodal interfaces, to be held in  
> Dubrovnik, Croatia, from July 17th to August 11th, 2006.  
> eNTERFACE'06 will welcome approx. 50 students, researchers, and  
> seniors, working in teams on the following projects (selected from  
> the proposals received in the Call for Projects):
> People (seniors, PhD students, undergraduate students) interested  
> in participating to the workshop should send us an application by  
> email, before February 15th 2006, in form of a document containing  
> the following information:
> A short CV (1 page max.)
> A list of 3 preferred projects to work on
> A list of skills to offer for these projects
> Possibility to bring a laptop? (1)


This is a very productive workshop for graduate students and advanced  
undergraduates interested in working with multimodal human-computer  
interfaces. The workshops are free but you are responsible for your  
travel, room and board expenses.

The official deadline for participation has passed but there may be  
an opportunity to still participate if you send your request ASAP to  
enterface at tel.fer.hr

In particular, we are looking for members to join our team:

> 6. An instrument of sound and visual creation driven by biological  
> signals (Coordinator: Prof. Benoit Macq, UCL Louvain La Neuve,  
> Belgium) Pursuing this first eNTERFACE workshop, this project aims  
> to use biophysical signals (EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, etc…) analysis to  
> drive digital musical instruments, enhanced with a rich visual  
> feedback, and playable in real-time. This year, we will try to  
> improve the interaction musician-instrument by expanding the  
> mapping between biological signals and synthesis parameters.

Anyone who wants more information about this project or Enterface in  
general can contact me directly.


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