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Matthew Bells matt at mbells.ca
Wed May 9 09:43:47 EDT 2018

You should follow me J, not because I make cool stuff myself, but often retweet or post things about what is happening at maker spaces here (https://twitter.com/mbellsca).


https://twitter.com/DrewRipley - Massive balloon art and more, often talks about how to di installations, from welding to electronics

https://twitter.com/Rainmaker1973 - General “that’s neat” stream, mostly sciency


Myth Busters:





The neat thing about twitter is that it makes it easy to discover others by means of retweets etc. So if you are interesting in wood working, welding, costumes, whatever – find a few and see where they lead.



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   Who should I be following on Twitter?

   Here's a few people who are blowing my mind:

   https://twitter.com/zachlieberman - Software artist, currently doing cool AR stuff on iPhone.
   https://twitter.com/golan - Head of the creativeinquiry lab at CMU - lots of cool projects
   https://twitter.com/isopresso - Balloon Artist who does amazing sculptural work
   https://twitter.com/marshmallowlf - Marshamallow Laser Feast art collective
   https://twitter.com/nadyapeek - Robotics researcher at MIT Centre for Bits and Atoms
   https://twitter.com/ik_products - Japanese kitbashing master

   -Jason Cobill

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