[Lab] void loop() at City Hall

Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorartist.com
Tue Jun 19 15:19:18 EDT 2018

On Mon, Jun 18, 2018, 9:46 AM Jason Cobill <jason.cobill at gmail.com> wrote:

>    The City Hall gallery is hosting some really fun tech art until August
> 8! Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe have filled the space with weird
> machines and quirky videos.
> https://ottawa.ca/en/residents/arts-heritage-and-culture/galleries-and-exhibition-spaces/city-hall-art-gallery
>    Nicolas Lapointe has produced a series of machines that predict the
> future, read secret messages off of marble, and orbit endlessly like
> virtual satellites. Lots of clever ideas and beautiful execution - I am
> particularly in love with this furry ... space pod?
> ‚Äč
>    I am also in love with Anna Eyler's hilarious video "How to Explain
> Love to a Measuring Tape" - she roamed around through Second Life looking
> for beautiful scenery, changed her avatar to geometric shapes and then
> animated them with erotic motion capture data. Cubes and cylinders get busy
> out in the virtual desert and up in trees and on the beach.
>    I know it's supposed to be about exploring gender and sexuality and
> thinking beyond our corporal forms, but it made me laugh so hard when I
> figured out what was going on. (It was those lurid gyrating tubes that gave
> away the process)
>    You can get a sneak peek here:
>    (Caution - this is NSFW if your co-workers are literal cylinders and
> cubes)
>    https://vimeo.com/179946958
>    -Jason Cobill
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