[Lab] Glowforge Basic laser cutter for sale

J Weisberg jweisberg at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 13 19:22:33 EST 2018

Hi everyone,
The Glowforge is a crowdfunded laser cutter/engraver. The campaign was in fall
2015. The Basic model I paid for then is finally ready to ship. But things have
changed and I no longer can use it. I can get a refund, but thought I would
check to see if anyone is interested in buying it from me. 
Cheaper than buying one now - and it will be shipped in the next 6 weeks,
whereas a new purchase won't ship until probably July. More than the campaign
price - due to changed exchange rate, credit card fees, and the fact that I will
deliver it to you. US$150 of assorted Glowforge Proofgrade laserable material is
included. The company will transfer the warranty (6 months) but the other
Founder perks such as material discounts are not transferable.
More info at https://glowforge.com/. Email me for more details if you are
seriously interested. I will be requiring a non-refundable deposit from the
purchaser, to ensure I don't have the machine shipped and then get stuck with
I do need to accept/refuse shipping soon, so don't delay if you are interested!

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