[Lab] Quantities are limited - special offer for structured light 3D scanners from Hewlett Packard

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Thu Feb 22 15:40:47 EST 2018

I always hate finding out about a huge sale once it is over, don't you?

Here are the details:

HP has two structured light scanning systems, the Scanner Pro S2 and the 
Scanner Pro S3.

The Scanner Pro S2 is discontinued, there are only 2 left in Canada and 
HP is liquidating them.

As the local dealer for these scanners, Envirolaser is selling the Pro 
S2 for the cash discounted price of only $3,295.00 + HST. This is a good 
deal, but it gets better.  HP has allocated 9 "free" automatic 
turntables for the Canadian market.  If you purchase a Pro S2, HP will 
send you one of these turntables at no additional charge. The only catch 
is you have to be one of the first nine people to order, pay for, and 
receive your Pro S2 or Pro S3 scanning system.

The Pro S3 is also selling at a special price; there are several 
available for the Canadian market.

Here are the cash discounted, pre-tax prices in Canadian dollars:

Pro S3 Scanning System                 $3,995.00
Pro S3 Dual Camera Upgrade         $1,495.00

Pro S2 Scanning System                 $3,295.00        only 2 of these 
left in Canada, they will not be reordered.
Pro S2 Dual Camera Upgrade         $1,055.00

TT-1 Turntable                                 $1,225.00        FREE if 
you are one of the first 9 people to order, pay for, and receive your 
scanning system!
DSL Scan Lever                                 $499.00

If you are considering the purchase of one of these scanning systems, 
now would be an excellent time to buy one.  With only 9 turntables 
available, you'd want to send me your order as soon as possible.

Stephen Burke
Account Executive
Envirolaser Ltd.

613-225-4726 Ottawa Local
613-619-1013 Mobile
800-565-9156 Toll Free

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