[Lab] Laser Cutter For Sale

Dave Hunt dave at huntgang.com
Sat Nov 18 12:36:59 EST 2017

Hello, I am considering selling my Full Spectrum Engineering 5th Gen Laser
Cutter as I have not used it much in the past year and it is taking up
precious room in my workshop.  I am wondering if anyone is potentially
interested in an early Christmas Present to themselves or a loved one...

Asking $2,800 Canadian.  Spent over $5,000 2.5 years ago when I imported it
from the US.
When I purchased it I had them upgrade it to the 45W Gold series tube for
longer life and it only has about 100 hours on it.  There is a timer in the
software but I don't have the energy to install it on my new computer to
check right now.

It was only ever used for personal crafts / projects and I loved cutting
MDF Hard Board with it although I have also cut acrylic, paper, cardboard,
felt and a piece of bread... ;) But I don't recommend engraving bread as it
tastes terrible.  I even used it to etch circuit boards by removing a layer
of paint for the mask and then chemical etching the boards.  I'm sure you
have many ideas too...

It includes both a 2" lens (only ever used this one) and a 2.5" lens which
is never used and cost $250 US directly from Full Spectrum.  I also got
some high quality lens cleaner and a few odds and ends.

I would be willing to spend up to two hours with the purchaser to setup the
software on their computer and walk them through it's operation but
unfortunately due to personal circumstances I can't commit to providing
ongoing support so I would hope that the purchaser is a true maker and can
research / reach out to the various communities such as
http://fullspectrumforum.com/index.php for additional support if required.

The thing that really impressed me with this laser over the cheaper Chinese
models is the software / driver package.  It can be connected with USB
directly or optionally it can be connected to your network and you can use
your laptop wireless to "print"

I have a small exhaust fan attached but it would require some 4" ducting to
the outside.  Also I have re purposed both the air compressor I had
purchased and the water pump / reservoir so those are not included in the
sale.  Suitable replacement links would be these.

 - Used to run water through CO2 laser tube for cooling
 - This is absolutely required to ensure tube does not over heat

 - Used for "Air Assist" to remove hot gasses from cutting area and allows
for deeper cleaner cuts
 - Optional but highly recomended

If you want I can throw in a bit of acrylic for free but be warned it
stinks and off gases for days...

I live in Almonte but could deliver to Ottawa area as well.

Please let me know if you are interested in discussing further or if you
know someone who might be then feel free to pass this message along.

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