[Lab] June Presentations @ Envirolaser - Special MakerBot Incentive

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Mon May 29 15:50:13 EDT 2017

Good afternoon!

We've extended our presentations through the month of June and now there 
is more incentive to attend Envirolaser's 3D technologies presentations.

Continue reading to find out what it is!

The presentations will feature operational demonstrations of the 
equipment from the following companies: HP (3D scanners) and MakerBot 
(3D printers) in addition to information about Full Spectrum Laser 
(laser cutters) and other products, supplies and services we offer.

Since this is an operational demonstration, feel free to bring an STL or 
OBJ file for us to 3D print so we can show you how the MakerBot 
Replicator + performs.

Each presentation will be held at Envirolaser @ 199 Colonnade Road 
South, starting at 3:00 pm.

Dates are as follows:

Thursday, June 8
Thursday, June 15
Thursday, June 22
Wednesday, June 28

Please let me know which date you are going to attend so that I can plan 

Now, about that extra incentive I mentioned earlier:

/All attendees will qualify to receive a free 2kg spool of "True" colour 
MakerBot PLA when they purchase a Replicator + or Mini + from 
Envirolaser prior to October 1st, 2017.  As an additional incentive, if 
an attendee purchases a Replicator + with a 10 pack of filament, Smart 
Extruder +, and a MakerCare 1 year preferred service plan, they will 
save an additional $108.55 on the bundle and also get the free 2kg spool 
of "True" colour PLA./

Please forward this information to anyone who you think would be 
interested in learning about these technologies.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

-- Stephen Burke Account Executive Envirolaser Ltd. 613-225-4726 Ottawa 
Local 613-619-1013 Mobile 800-565-9156 Toll Free

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