[Lab] Free to good home - New Hermes Vanguard 3200 Engraver

Roman Gargulak roman at cncwings.com
Tue May 16 21:41:47 EDT 2017

I have New Hermes Vanguard 3200 engraver, looking for a good home.

Got it maybe 10 years ago and main goal was to convert it in to a router.
It is basically a 2.5D machine, as the Z axis is pneumatically 
controlled, full up, full down, no proportional control.

I used it few times to make some parts for RC models out of plywood.
I used it 'as is' which required some creative pre-processing of data 
files, done in AutoCAD R12 (yes, the DOS version).
Never got around converting it in to the "CNC router'...

Here are some samples of what I have made on this machine (under "CNC 
router", although I have never converted it):

This is an older machine, runs under DOS (that will tell you how old it 
is) so you must be old enough/crazy enough to be interested.

I do not have time to play with it or to complete the project so I am 
hoping that someone is crazy enough and will take it.
Serious people only please, I would hate to see it going to scrap.
As the subject line says, it is free to good home

If you have any questions, just ask.


I have the router itself, the controller as well as software (runs on 
DOS, comes on 5.25" floppies ;-)
I have some engraving bits too, so it is a complete package,

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