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Hi Jason,
I would like to take one of the link below for a gardening:

On Mar 3, 2017 14:21, "Jason Cobill" <jason.cobill at gmail.com> wrote:

>    Hey Makers,
>    This weekend is Seedy Saturday at Ron Kolbus Lakeside Center (in
> Brittania).
>    http://www.seeds.ca/events
>    I'm posting because there's some crossover between Makers and Growers,
> I think - usually there's a few weird contraptions on display,
> Vermicomposting setups, automated watering systems, branch splicing tools
> and compressed fibre pots (made of cow poop!).
>    A few Garden-Nerd questions:
>    1) Are any of you plant tinkerers, and have you automated any aspects
> of your garden? Any biohackers doing selective breeding experiments? Anyone
> with clever indoor growing stations? Anyone with an unusual garden?
>    Have you seen Clock Gardens? There's a professionally cultivated one at
> Niagara Falls.
>    https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/special/children/clock-gard
> en-design.htm
>    2) Plants are a staple of sculpture and architecture projects - have
> you seen a particularly elegant art/design project you'd like to share?
> There's so many beautiful ones, but I think the Plant-in-city project is a
> particularly elegant abstraction of the greenhouse.
>    http://plantincity.com/
>    Here's a peek at my much less elegant basement growing station. I have
> a bank of fluorescent lights on chains hung over wire shelves - I usually
> get my bigger garden plants started two months before the May long weekend
> planting. The watering is all manual, but my lighting is set up on timers
> to run overnight to use non-peak electricity.
>    3) Are there any agricultural-types on the list? What's new in farm
> technology?
>    I did a talk late last year about how a child's drawing of a tree
> wearing a fur coat led to a breakthrough in insulated polymeric seed
> coatings which allow seeds to be planted earlier in the year in cold
> climates. I've also read about some heavy LED investment in local
> greenhouses. Has anyone on a farm in the Ottawa Valley got an interesting
> project to share?
>    -Jason Cobill
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