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Anne Taylor anne.m.taylor at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 11:42:42 EST 2017

I have a dual extruder MBot 3D, a Makerbot clone, which is capable of
making good prints but has required lots of tinkering and would be better
with some more mods. Having added a kid to my family, I have not had the
time to give it the attention needed. It hasn't been fired up in about 2

I'd like to sell the following as a package or separately, original prices
listed (best offer, happy to negotiate):

3D printer: $1300 (with shipping, customs.. ignoring price of mods already
Upgrade kit for heated plate: $175
Custom made spool holders: $10
About 10 spools of filament, some PLA and some ABS, some partially used,
some haven't been stored airtight: $20 each
Kapton tape: $30 (only really useful with a heated plate)

Sailfish software: free (I upgraded the firmware at one point, and highly
recommend sticking with Sailfish. It requires same-branded software on the
computer. Upgrading the firmware was a pain, but worthwhile for quality of

There are photos of parts and prints here: https://goo.gl/photos/RY3Yb3CG

I can't seem to add descriptions to the photos, so...

   - Printer is MBot Cube, comes with sd card for transferring files.
   - Original print plate has been removed (warped out of box, then damaged
   by printer) and replaced with my own hack of a mirror surface. Helped a lot!
   - One of the filament feeders has been replaced by a common hack
   (printed by someone else) that provides more constant pressure on the
   filament, making the feeding speed more regular. Undecided if this helped
   consistently, so the other has not been replaced.
   - USB connection on the side
   - Power connection on the back uses standard computer power cord
   - Kapton tape, used once.
   - Left to right: Old print plate, extra mirror plate, heated plate,
   thermistor (tiny thing in pink bag), and a plexiglass plate to go with the
   heated one. Also a business card of where I got it so hopefully you can
   find instructions.
   - Printed clip on back of print plate elevator to adjust detected height
   - White and grey prints are PLA, red and green are ABS.

Video of my first print: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60-74AklnfE
Video of a printed gear wheel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_Fl2wIgwK4

I found ABS stuck better to the non-heated plate with use of hair spray
(Garnier Fructis Ultra Strong) and/or painter's tape, even though PLA is
supposed to be better. ABS definitely warps more, though.. not good for big
items on a non-heated plate. PLA gave me better results in the end, as long
as I watched it carefully and made very sure it stuck to the plate. I would
also recommend getting a drive gear upgrade (http://store.makerbot.com/par
ts-accessories/replicator/mk7-drive-gear.html) because the ones included
are flat and don't guide the filament very well.

~Anne Taylor
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